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Amanda michelle riley season 4 "Oh. You're clearing your throat?"
"No! Clearing my throat sounds like [unintellegible noises]."

This article contains lyrics that when heard in the official song are unclear, and therefore may be incorrect.

"The Unparallels" is a song that is featured on Songs from The Next Step: Season 4, Volume 1. It is the song that Amy, Alfie, Michelle, Noah, and Richelle use for their quintet that is initially to be performed at the second qualifier.[1]

Lyrics Edit

We move blindly to the light
Even though we don't know what's inside
Like a diamond, we will shine
Within this life, we don't make time for all the simple things

And when a princess pulls with gold
Like kings and queens on pedestals
The shadow of a soul
Can make the soul look silly

And the tide goes with the wind
And tigers rest
Abandoned wall is always me
Days and months [Unidentifiable word(s)]

[Unidentifiable word(s)]
[Unidentifiable word(s)]
Who would you chase to the moon?
And what would it cause just to move you?

Episode used in Edit

References Edit

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