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I wuv you. I wuv you.

Eldon to Thalia, "Tainted Love"

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Theldon is the canon pairing between Thalia and Eldon. After Thalia moved to Poland, it is believed by Eldon that Thalia went to be with Bartek.[1] Although, this is merely a misunderstanding and the two have been confirmed to still be a couple.[2]


Theme Song

  • Thalia and Eldon are beside each other when they are introduced in the Season 3 white walls theme, and also pose beside each other in the group sequence.


Eldon develop feelings for each other Thalia, although the two cannot date until Eldon completes 30 pirouettes.

When Eldon is chosen to compete in a turning competition at Internationals, the agreement is forgotten, and a new rule is instated - if Eldon wins the competition, he can date Thalia.[3] Eldon wins the competition, thus marking the commencement of their relationship.[4]

After Internationals, Thalia moves to Poland, which Eldon mistakenly believes to be the end of their relationship.[1] When Thalia reunites with Eldon in London, she assures him that they are still dating.[5]


Season 2

"Time to Move On"


  • Eldon and Thalia dance together on numerous occasions during Shawn Desman's concert.

"You Love Me"

  • Eldon shows Thalia where his sweet spot on stage is.
  • Eldon makes Thalia pinky-swear to keep it their secret.
  • Before going elsewhere, Eldon steals a final look at Thalia.
  • Thalia and Eldon hug.

Season 3

"Coming Home?"

  • Thalia and Eldon sit next to each other in Hidalgo's.

"Game, Set, and Match"

  • Thalia helps Eldon pick a song to dance to.
  • Thalia says that she and Eldon have been spending a lot of time together.
  • Thalia says that she wants to get to know Eldon better.
  • Eldon says that he likes having Thalia around.


  • Thalia and Eldon stand beside each other as they watch Elite Dance Academy perform their routine.

"The Times They Are a Changin'"

  • Eldon wishes Thalia good luck before her solo.
  • Eldon says that he hopes Thalia gets into A-Troupe.
  • Eldon calls Thalia an amazing dancer.
  • Eldon says that it is nice having Thalia around.
  • Eldon tells Thalia that if she didn't make the team he would have been bothered, to which Thalia agrees that she would have felt the same way.
  • Eldon hopes that Thalia likes him.

"Your New Beginning"

  • Eldon and Thalia want to be duet partners.
  • Thalia knows a lot about Eldon, as she knows that his pre-dance ritual is not washing his socks for three weeks.
  • Thalia reveals that she'd like to spend more time with Eldon.
  • Eldon gets corn for Thalia because he thinks it is romantic.

"Can't Fight This Feeling"

  • Eldon reveals that he gets nervous around Thalia, but when he's dancing, he feels confident.
  • Eldon says that Thalia is unlike any girl he has met before.
  • Thalia reveals that watching Eldon dance makes her like him even more.
  • Thalia tells Eldon that she "really likes [him]" to which Eldon holds her hand and tells her he likes her too.

"Marry Me"

  • Thalia and Eldon decide to teach J-Troupe together.
  • Thalia is impressed by how easily Eldon gets J-Troupe's attention.
  • Eldon says that he and Thalia have good chemistry.
  • Thalia says that she feels good when she dances with Eldon.
  • Thalia and Eldon perform a duet.
  • Eldon says that he trusts Thalia 100%.
  • Thalia hopes that she can date Eldon.

"Do the Right Thing"

  • Thalia asks Eldon out twice.
  • Eldon is nervous around Thalia, as he doesn't want to mess things up.
  • Eldon spins himself to the point of near illness for Thalia.
  • Thalia motivates Eldon.

"The New Girl in Town"

  • Thalia helps Eldon practice his pirouettes.
  • Thalia is angry when Ella kisses Eldon.

"Sweet Spot"

  • Eldon confesses that he really likes Thalia and doesn't want to mess anything up.
  • Eldon writes Thalia a love letter. Some lines of the letter include Eldon talking about how he gets lost in Thalia's eyes and sees lightning emitting from her body when she dances.
  • Eldon makes Thalia a map of all of the sweet spots in the studio.
  • Thalia tells Eldon that she wants to be with him.
  • Eldon tells Thalia that he wants to be with her, and that he has never liked a girl in the same way that he likes her.

"Square Dance"

  • Thalia and Eldon try to "mime" to each other to communicate.
  • Thalia and Eldon are square dancing partners.

"Mixed Messages"

  • Thalia and Eldon send messages to each other via other people.

"It's My Party"

  • Thalia and Eldon look at each other whenever a romantic song is playing.
  • Eldon touches Thalia's cheek.

"Welcome to Miami"

  • Eldon comments that Thalia is a genius.
  • Eldon accidentally calls Thalia his girlfriend.
  • Eldon searches for the perfect spot for a date with Thalia.

"When the War is Over"

  • Eldon and Thalia hold hands during the opening ceremony.
  • Thalia tells Eldon that he is great and encourages him.
  • Thalia tells Eldon to dance for her to which Eldon agrees.
  • Eldon and Thalia hug.
  • Eldon feels confident after Thalia talks to him.
  • Eldon says that the driving force of his dance is Thalia.
  • Thalia feels bad when Eldon does not win the title of Mister Internationals Soloist.

"We Are the World"

  • Eldon says that Thalia never ceases to amaze him.
  • Eldon is jealous when he sees Thalia speaking to Bartek.
  • Eldon is afraid that he is losing Thalia.
  • Thalia calls Eldon her "almost boyfriend."
  • Eldon is happy when Thalia wins the round.

"Turn, Turn, Turn"

  • Eldon is encouraged to do the competition when he discovers that he will be able to date Thalia if he wins.
  • Thalia tells Eldon that if he wins the competition, he wins her.
  • Thalia holds Eldon's jacket.
  • Thalia believes in Eldon.
  • Eldon says that knowing he will be able to date Thalia if he wins is what is keeping him going.
  • As Eldon spins, he smiles whenever he sees Thalia.
  • Thalia runs into Eldon's arms and hugs him when Eldon wins and he hugs Thalia back.
  • Eldon says that the only thing that matters is Thalia running into his arms.
  • Thalia and Eldon hold hands.
  • Eldon says that it is nice to finally be able to talk to Thalia.
  • When their hands are separated, Thalia and Eldon try to reach for each other.
  • Eldon is jealous to see Thalia with Bartek.
  • When Thalia calls Eldon her boyfriend, he smirks.
  • Thalia and Eldon put an arm around each other.
  • Eldon tells Thalia that she has him.
  • Thalia tells Eldon that he is the reason the team won the round.
  • Thalia and Eldon hug again.
  • Thalia and Eldon kiss.

"She's Not You"

  • Thalia and Eldon are partners in the semi-finals routine.
  • When their team wins, Thalia and Eldon hug.

"How It Ends"

  • They are partners in the final routine.
  • Thalia refers to Eldon as her boyfriend.

Season 4

"One More Time"

  • Eldon is devastated when he finds out that Thalia is moving to Poland.
  • Eldon claims that he has a Thalia-shaped hole in his heart.

"Stir It Up"

  • Eldon says that his heart is full of "Thalia stuff."

"London Calling"

  • Eldon brings up Thalia.

"Nobody's Fault but Mine"

  • Eldon is upset about losing his phone because all of his photos of Thalia are on it.
  • Eldon searches endlessly for this phone.
  • Eldon pays a bartender to find the phone.
  • Thalia texts Eldon.

"Here Comes Your Man"

  • Thalia decides to see Eldon.
  • Eldon is so surprised about Thalia's proposed visit that he begins to stammer.
  • Eldon is speechless upon seeing Thalia.
  • Eldon confesses that Thalia looks even more beautiful than the last time he saw her.
  • Thalia assures Eldon that she did not leave him for Bartek.
  • Eldon tells Thalia that she broke his heart.
  • Thalia tells Eldon that she hopes he hasn't gotten over her, as she hasn't gotten over him, and proceeds to tell him that she loves him.
  • Eldon faints a total of three times due to the shock he experiences from Thalia's proclamation.
  • Eldon tells Thalia that she is pretty.
  • Thalia is sure to catch Eldon every time that he faints.
  • When he comes to, Eldon tells Thalia that he loves her too.
  • Thalia kisses Eldon.
  • Thalia and Eldon hug.

"Tainted Love"

  • Eldon tells Thalia that he "wuvs" her twice.
  • Eldon claims that he has something that his opponent does not have—love.
  • Thalia cheers for Eldon quite loudly.
  • West confesses that Thalia is Eldon's good luck charm.
  • Thalia confesses that watching Eldon dance makes her fall in love with him all over again.




Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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