It's just typical Tiffany right now—she's just digging for gossip like she always does...

Riley, "Forget You"

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Tiffany is currently a studio head at an unknown studio, after briefly being assistant at a touring dance company. She is a former member of A-TroupeB-Troupe, and, before the show, J-Troupe.


Before the show

Tiffany was one of the few hip-hop dancers in J-Troupe before joining A-Troupe.[2] Tiffany was in A-Troupe for at least one year before Season 1 because she joined E-Girls. She also became very close friends with Emily and Stephanie

Season 1

Tiffany is wary of Michelle when she arrives and prejudges her as a poor dancer, although she admits that she was wrong when she finally sees Michelle dance.[3]

After making it onto A-Troupe, Tiffany is shocked to discover that Daniel is choreographing for J-Troupe, as it is a task that the E-Girls would typically take unto themselves.[4] She tries to incite fear in Daniel about the dancers and even makes the dancers perform poorly to hinder Daniel's success.[4] In the end, Tiffany helps him, but only so that Daniel will see how great the E-Girls are.[4]

Stephanie chloe tiffany season 1 2

Tiffany argues with Stephanie.

Tiffany is very supportive of Stephanie on her road toward becoming a triple-threat; she assists Stephanie during her photo shoot[5] and gives Stephanie acting lessons.[6] When Tiffany votes for Michelle as Dance Captain instead of Emily,[7] her relationship with Stephanie becomes strained, making Tiffany feel like an outsider.[8] Eventually, Tiffany makes up with Stephanie after she motivates her to call her agent for an audition.[9]

Season 2

Tiffany struggles with the choreography that Phoebe presents for the A-Troupe auditions.[10] When Stephanie arrives late and misses the tutelage of the choreography, Tiffany begrudgingly teaches it to her.[11] When Tiffany performs, she struggles with the fouetté section, but still believes that she'll make it over Stephanie.[11] She doesn't make the team and is demoted to B-Troupe with Stephanie.[11]

Stephanie tiffany season 2 4

Tiffany is baffled at the choreography that B-Troupe is being taught.

Tiffany struggles to accept the casualness of B-Troupe and voices that she does not think she can stay at the studio.[12] Nonetheless, Tiffany stays longs enough to perform in the flash mob for Michelle.[13]

Season 4

Tiffany now has a job as an assistant for dance company. While helping with auditions for the company's upcoming tour, she meets Giselle and Amanda.[14]

Season 5

Tiffany is now a studio head at an unknown studio.[15]


Tiffany is a loud, confident, perky, and bubbly character, who always seeks for gossip. Despite this nature, she stands up for what she thinks is right even if it will does not coincide with the beliefs of her best friends. Although, Tiffany still loves to assist her friends, seen when she helps Stephanie on her journey towards being a triple threat. When she reappears in Season 4, Tiffany is more mature and subdued.

Physical appearance


Tiffany has medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, and curly hair.


Tiffany usually wears yellow and pink while dancing. In addition, she usually wears shorts, although she wears sweatpants in a few appearances. In the early season, she is usually seen wearing bright colours and tie-dye. In Season 4, she dresses in dark colours.




Main article: Hip-hop

Hip-hop is Tiffany's main and strongest style.


Main article: Acro

Tiffany is suffcient at acro.


Main article: Ballet

Tiffany can perform ballet, although there are conflicting accounts about her proficiency in the genre. She has problems performing fouettes in "The Final Cut," which ultimately leads to her being demoted from A-Troupe, although she perfectly performs them in the title card of Season 1.


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