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Touchdowns and Tutus is a fictional movie that is shown in "Bad Moon Rising."

Description Edit

According to Riley, Touchdowns and Tutus is an exquisite movie about a bunch of football players finding the inner beauty of football through ballet. It appears to be a well-liked movie.[1]

Plot Edit

Not much is known about this movie, although it does appear to be comedic, as A-Troupe laughs at certain points throughout the film. West's favourite part of the movie is when two football players have to drag a boat up the Amazon River. Michelle describes a scene in which a player runs so quickly that he goes through a time warp and Stephanie elaborates that the character magically turns into a dog, causing the team to have to come together and rescue the character from the dog pound. Upon Riley's elaboration, the team ends up digging a really big tunnel and find a box of old football plays from the 1800s where two characters share their first kiss and fall in love.[1]

References Edit

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