Van Damming is a training exercise based on Jean-Claude Van Damme's infamous splits.

Noah witnesses Amanda doing this exercise in "Only You." Both Noah and Amanda regularly do this exercise at the Jewish Community Centre.

History Edit

In "Only You," Noah walks in on Amanda Van Damming, which surprises him, as he believed himself to be the only one in the studio who Van Dammed.

Surely enough, both parties Van Damme at the Jewish Community Centre; Amanda goes Tuesdays at 7:30, while Noah goes Thursdays at 8:00. Noah decides that she will switch into Amanda's class, which is possible since the Goldbergs are going south for the winter.

Amanda can Van Damme for 45 seconds, while Noah can Van Damme for 15 seconds.

An optional component of Van Damming is de-Van Damming during which one stretches their legs after Van Damming.[1]

Description Edit

Van Damming comprises of an individual performing the splits with each leg propped up. In Amanda's case, she Van Dammes with either foot on a sofa arm.[1]

References Edit

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