Season 4 competition
#wewantseason4oftns is an official petition, started to persuade the creators of The Next Step to make a fourth season. 


Frank van Keeken decreed that if the petition got ten thousand or more signatures, a fourth season would take place. It is unknown when this petition started, but the needed amount of signatures was achieved on April 16th, 2015, hence why the show was renewed for a fourth season.[1] If it weren't for this petition, Season 3 would have presumably been the last season and "How It Ends" would have been the last episode. 

To motivate the fans, Frank van Keeken started a contest. An Instagram user would post an image, and tag the image with the following: #wewantseason4oftns, @frankvankeeken and @family_channel. The winner would get the The Next Step: Road to Regionals book series with autographs of the Season 3 cast of The Next Step.[2]


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