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"What You Waiting For?" is the 31st episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 61st episode overall. It aired on December 19, 2014.


Michelle can't leave the mall due to shoplifting allegations, jeopardizing her chances at winning against Amanda in the female solo round.


As a continuation from the previous episode, Riley and James have just won the duet round and are celebrating their advancement to the female solo round with the rest of A-Troupe. Michelle confesses that she is excited to be facing Amanda in the next round. Subsequently, Amanda admits that she is worried, as she isn't sure how it will turn out. Since there are six hours before Michelle has to perform, the dancers are permitted to go to the mall as long as Michelle returns an hour before her performance. After their departure, Lucien pulls Tess aside and tells her to make sure that Michelle doesn't return in time.

At the mall, Michelle tells the other dancers that she has to buy a souvenir for her mum and will catch up with them later. While Michelle is browsing, Tess sneakily places one of the store's bottles of perfume into Michelle's bag, unbeknownst to Michelle. As Michelle leaves the store, the security alarms sound and, upon checking her bag, the store clerk finds the aforementioned item and assumes that she was trying to steal it. Despite her protest, Michelle is taken away by two mall security guards, a man and a woman. Meanwhile, Lexi from Life of Dance is performing her solo as Amanda watches on. She reveals in Talking Heads that she lost the solo round the previous year, causing the team to be unable to qualify for semi-finals and that she cannot let her team down again.

In the security office, Michelle is stuck with the two bickering mall cops. She suggests that they check the security tape, but their irritability causes them to merely reply to her in a snarky manner (the female guard even suggests that Michelle could go and steal a new ceiling fan to replace the faulty one in the office). Michelle realizes that she probably won't return in time for her solo.

Kate is becoming nervous, as all of the dancers except for Michelle have returned. Elsewhere, Amanda overhears Tess telling Lucien that she took care of Michelle. Upon further inquiry, Tess tells her what happened. Amanda is offended and angry, as she wants to win fair and square and because she feels as though the two don't believe in her. Soon, the team begins wildly searching for Michelle. They call her cellphone, but the female security guard forbids Michelle to answer it. Michelle says she thought every felon was allowed one phone call, but is told by the male guard that that rule doesn't apply in the security office. Chloe decides to go back to the mall to search for Michelle, while everyone else returns to the Nationals venue. Riley decides it would be best if she prepares an alternate solo. As Riley prepares back at the venue, Kate is worried; Riley is wearing her duet costume, hasn't practiced the solo, and Kate knows it isn't as good as Michelle's. Curiously, she is sure Elite has something to do with it. At the security office, the security footage finally loads onto the computer and it is proven that Michelle didn't steal the perfume. Michelle makes her exit, leaving the guards arguing about the bungled arrest. Michelle runs into Chloe in the mall, and the two race back to the venue. Amanda goes on-stage to perform her solo. She finishes and, just as Riley is about to go on-stage, Michelle appears and Riley almost faints with relief.

Michelle quickly changes into her costume and goes on-stage. After a fierce and intense performance, Michelle and Amanda await the judges' verdict. While waiting, Amanda assures Michelle that she had nothing to do with Tess's actions. The Next Step wins and moves on to the semi-finals. Amanda congratulates Michelle and also apologizes as she realizes that she has put the studio through a lot. Elite leaves, disappointed, although Amanda admits that Michelle deserved to win.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Gwen Stefani.






Featured music

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