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"When the War is Over" is a song from Season 2 and is on two soundtracks: one for Season 2: Songs from The Next Step: Season 2 and the other for the show's Live On Stage soundtrack, Live On Stage: Songs from the Tour, Volume 1. This song is most notably used for a solo, in Season 2, performed by Riley.[1][2]


So this is how it ends
No worlds left to avenge
All the talk of fire and brimstones gone
And now we'll make amends
And all the talk of worlds we have to conquer
We will fight again
When the war is over
Don't take enemies
Don't take enemies for friends

When the war is over (x6)

So this is how it ends
Put your weapons down
And make amends
Spent all we could spend
But don't play nice for too long
The war will begin again

When the war is over (x6)

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