White walls are a type of transition used in The Next Step

Description Edit

White Walls are used as transition scenes, used at the beginning of an episode for the title sequence, as well as to move seamlessly from one scene to the next throughout the episode. As implied by the name, the background is white.

Title sequences Edit

In the opening sequence, which happens a few minutes into the show, all of the members of A-Troupe are introduced in the midst of the show's theme song "Stand Up" from "Songs from The Next Step: Season 1." During this sequence each character is introduced individually or dually, with a brief solo routine and the inclusion of their name. At the latter, the dancers briefly freestyle as a group before posing alongside each other as the song and sequence end.

Transition sequences Edit

Transition sequences occur sporadically throughout an episode in order to seamlessly transition from one scene to the next. In these sequences, the character/s who is/are in that specific white wall transition are usually of relevance to the preceding or following scene. For example, in "Welcome to Miami," after a scene starring Eldon and James, which happens to be before a scene with West, Eldon and James are scene dancing, followed by West. During these scenes, a song is played.

Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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