Wojdan Dance Academy is a dance studio situated in Poland. This team is one of the 160 that participates in the 17th annual Absolute Dance Internationals competition. The studio is a mostly male studio, until Thalia joins it.[1]


Wojdan Dance Academy participated in the 16th annual Absolute Dance Internationals competition, and didn't even make it past the second round of the competition.[2]

The team consists of mostly boys, but there is one girl seen as they walk on to the stage. Eldon is intimidated by the team's dance captain, Bartek, when him and Thalia get along perfectly.

The studio is eliminated in the quarter-finals of the 17th annual Absolute Dance Internationals competition after losing to Summerford School of Dance.[3]

Thalia, after Internationals, moves to Poland and joins Wojdan Dance Academy, eliminating the team's all-male attribute.[4]


The team's uniforms are red and black, with "WDA" written in small print on the jacket's shoulder.


Known Members


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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